• Starters

    • Stuffed Grape Leaves - Meat/Vegetarian


      Seasoned rice and beef hand rolled in grape leaves served with yogurt sauce

    • Bacon Wrapped or Feta Stuffed Dates


      Medjool dates wrapped in bacon or stuffed with feta cheese, drizzled with tart pomegranate syrup

    • Chicken Shawerma


      Marinated chicken topped with sumac onions served over hummus

    • Beef Shawerma


      Marinated beef topped with sumac onions served over hummus

    • Baba Ganouj


      Roasted eggplant blended with tahini, garlic, and lemon served with pita

    • Cucumber Yogurt


      Spinach, cucumbers and fresh yogurt finished with olive oil and sumac

    • Hummus


      A blend of chickpea, tahini, and garlic served with pita

    • Tabouli


      A Lebanese traditional salad of parsley, mint, green onion, cracked wheat, and diced tomatoes tossed in a lemon olive oil dressing

    • Sampler


      A trio of hummus, tabouli, and baba ganouj served with pita

    • Roasted Beets with Garlic Potatoes


      Beets served cold with a creamy garlic potato salad.

    • Roasted Eggplant Crostini


      A bruschetta of eggplant, white beans, basil, and roasted tomatoes topped with crumbled feta and served on a baked crostini

    • Falafel


      A blend of chickpeas and spices fried and served with tahini

    • Deluxe Sampler


      All of your favorites in one...hummus, tabouli, baba ganouj, and falafel served with pita

    • Meditrina Pizza


      Hummus, tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, feta, and spinach

    • Salads

      Add a filet of Salmon $10, Steak $12, Tofu $6, or Chicken $6 to any salad

    • Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad


      House-made with tomatoes, Parmesan crostini bread.

      Add white anchovies $2

    • Fattoush Salad


      Fresh greens dressed in lemon-garlic-olive oil dressing mixed with cucumbers, tomatoes, and baked pita

    • Spinach Salad


      Fresh spinach with mushrooms, feta, and olives dressed with a balsamic olive oil dressing

    • Green Bean Salad


      Fresh green beans with tomato, kalamata olives, and red onion, tossed in a tahini dressing

    • Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese


      Warm lentils, bacon, and tomatoes, tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette

    • Combo Plates

    • Vegetarian

      Lunch 14
      Dinner 16

      Stuffed grape leaves, hummus, falafel, rice, and salad

    • Mediterranean Chicken

      Lunch 16
      Dinner 18

      Served over rice with hummus, falafel, and salad

    • Vegan Falafel Combo

      Lunch 14
      Dinner 17

      Cilantro rice, falafel, eggplant, potatoes, hummus and carrot salad

    • Kefta


      Spiced ground meat with Arabic spices, rice, hummus, salad and falafel

    • Grand Plates

    • Paprika Chicken


      Chicken stewed in warm spices and a creamy tomato sauce served with rice

    • Chicken or Beef Shawerma Dinner

      Chicken 19
      Beef 26

      Marinated chicken or beef served with hummus, rice, and vegetables

    • Sumac Salmon


      Pan seared filet of sumac spiced salmon served with rice and green bean salad

    • Grilled Flank Steak


      Flank steak served with petite arugula salad and fried potatoes with garlic butter

    • Vegan Dinner


      Grilled organic tofu, with cilantro rice, carrot tahini salad and sautéed green beans

    • Sandwiches

      Side of fried potatoes or rice - $2, green beans - $3

    • Beef or Chicken Shawerma Pita

      Beef 16
      Chicken 12

      Thinly sliced marinated chicken or steak with onion, tomato, and tahini sauce in a warm pita

    • Falafel Pita


      A blend of chickpeas, fava beans, and spices fried and served with tahini, cucumber, tomato, and pickle

    • Falafel Deluxe Wrap


      Our signature falafel wrapped with roasted eggplant, fried potatoes, pickles, and tomato served with tahini

    • Med Burger


      Spiced ground beef topped with feta, sumac onions, and taziki